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The Ultimate Skin Treatment is the In-Clinic Skin Needling at FitSkin 

One of the most significant advantages of in-clinic needling treatment is that at FitSkin we treat areas dermal roller has difficulties with; such as the eyelids, under-eye area, upper lip, full lip area and around the nose. Using new technology, at FitSkin we can tailor the needle to precisely measure how deep it pierces to suit the areas of concern as well as create 1000s upon thousands of tiny holes in one session. More holes the better. If you have consistently been receiving in-clinic treatments, consider taking your skin to the next level!

Next Level, Combine the In-Clinic with At Home Roller

If you’re pretty savvy and have been using correcting serums in your homecare routine, then you are ready to step it up a notch. By introducing the dermal roller to your skincare routine weekly or even fortnightly, coupled with in-clinic needling treatments can help to produce a better result.

Consistency is Key: When we’re 20 years old, our collagen is naturally doubling every 4 weeks (beautiful cheeks Nan loves to pinch)! When we’re 40, collagen production is every 8 weeks (half the production)! When we’re in our 50s, collagen production is every 12 weeks, slower and slower. So you can see why it’s so important to stick to our skin needling treatments every 4 weeks, to mimic our collagen production in our 20s (to actually see change).

Here’s why it’s just as important to use the right “plumping serum or moisturiser”....Skin needling is the "workout" for your skin. Hydropeptide Plumping serum is the plant based protein for your skin, "fuel" for your collagen to repair, rebuild and become stronger than ever. Without the fuel, collagen results will not achieve peak performance. 

Why are plumping products important?
When receiving either treatments, your homecare routine is also an important consideration. Believe it or not, 50% of your end result is dependent on what fuel you are giving your skin day in and day out. To put it into perspective, we don’t go to the grocery store and buy the cheapest we can find because it's full of chemicals, preservatives and additives. We're now more educated than ever and look at nutrient dense foods and understand the value of quality. Well look no further HydroPeptide is the nutrient dense fuel for your skin and will give you results. 

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